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What Makes Digital Billboard Impactful?

The digital transformation is reshaping every aspect of business, which require careful collaboration, thoughtful planning, and tactical realignment.


Customers remember what they see. Bright colors, motion graphics, and animation content are more likely to catch people's attention.

Greater Visibility

Digital billboards are often placed in high traffic areas, such as major highways and busy intersections. This makes them visible to a larger audience.

Dynamic and Flexible

Digital billboards are easily updatable and changeable as it can be remotely updated and modified in real-time.

Targeted Advertising

Digital billboards can be programmed to display specific messages at certain times of the day or days of the week. This allows advertisement to specific demographics.

Brand Awareness

Digital billboards can increase brand visibility. This can increase the likelihood that viewers choose your brand when making a purchasing decision.

Drive Sales

Digital billboards can be updated remotely, which eliminates the cost of physical replacement. Multiple campaign can be run on a single billboard, which increases the Return of Investment (ROI) of promotion.

What If ...

There were a total of 17,942 cars a day on the road.

If there were 2 people in the car, it is equivalent to 35,884 eyeballs per day or 1,076,520 eyeballs per month.

If there were 3 people in the car, it is correspondent to 53,826 eyeballs per day or 1,614,780 eyeballs per month.

Billboard Specification

Screen Size : 6m / 19.68 L (h) x 11m / 36.1 ” (w)

Content Resolution : 1080 (h) x 1920 (w) pixel

Content Format : MP4, Video Format, AVI, MPEG, Picture Slideshow

Operating Hours : 16 hours daily from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Total Ads : 15 slots of 15 seconds each slot

Total Looping Time : 255 seconds / 3.75 minutes per loop

Daily Exposure : 256 per day

Clients That Worked With Us

Cinema Advertisement

How would Advertising on the Big Screen Benefit Your Business?

Greater Reach to Audience

With the potential to reach hundreds of viewers in a single showing, you can create a lasting impact on target audience and increase the chances of reaching new customers.

Visually Showcase Your Products or Services in Captivating Ways

Large display size and high resolution of screens provide an immersive viewing experience, help to create memorable impression on the audience.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Displaying your brand logo and messaging on the big screen can create a strong brand presence, help you establish your brand identity and make your brand more familiar to the audience.

Our Services Include



Creating a final product that can be screened on big screen or various media platforms.



Capturing video footages using our professional camera and other equipments.



Selecting and arranging the best shots from the recorded material obtained during filming.


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