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Security attacks are a global problem and occur on a daily basis. Vulnerabilities in your network security give hackers an opening to do untold damage to your network while exposing potentially sensitive and confidential information. Thus, network security is very important to protect you from network attacks and vulnerabilities.

What is Network Security?

Network security protects networking infrastructure from data theft, unauthorized access, and manipulation. It also includes network segmentation for security, which involves dividing your network into regions by using firewalls as borders.

Network security protection has been developed to implement measures to protect your computer network’s data from being lost, stolen, or manipulated.

Type of Threats





DDoS Attacks

Trojan Virus


Our Network Security Service Provider

Our Network Security Service Provider

Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking approach is the industry’s only converged networking and security platform. It effectively defends today’s highly dynamic environments while enabling better productivity.

Fortinet’s unified offering is consistently available with flexible deployment models and validates Forrester’s Zero Trust Edge strategy to consistently secure the hybrid workforce with a better user experience.

Manage Services

Managed services focus on providing comprehensive and customized ICT solutions to meet individual customers’ needs in the following aspects:

Network Infrastructure Design & Installation

To meet your needs and to enable connectivity, data transmission and management.

Bandwidth Management Service

Integrated services of monitoring and managing network traffic flow while optimizing bandwidth usage efficiency.

Hardware Monitoring & Maintenance Service

Providing both remote and on-site technical support and hardware replacement services

Internet Security Service

Providing protection against the internal and external networks to your networks and establishing secured VPN connections via internet.

Which industry Needs This?

Industries that primarily use Metro Ethernet connectivity is suitable such as :






Our connectivity services enable our customers to have a secured private network and dedicated internet access within their corporate branches and offices nationwide.

In addition to Metro Ethernet, we also provide solutions for broadband internet connectivity as an alternative for cost-efficient internet. Our connectivity services are highly scalable and we are able to provide incremental bandwidth expansion as per individual customers’ requirements.

This means that we generally provide a comprehensive one-stop solution package to our customers in respect of their network infrastructure and connectivity to meet their needs without the involvement of other suppliers.

We believe that this end-to-end network solution can give benefit to our customers:

Product & Service

As a solution provider, Apploqic often provides a one-stop solution and end-to-end solution which comprises connectivity, equipment and services which then Apploqic bundles as a total solution or service offering. The solution can be provided as managed service, unmanaged service or outright purchase.

Below is the breakdown of the services:


  1. Metro Ethernet Access
  2. Dedicated Internet Access
  3. Internet Port Access
  4. Wired Broadband Internet Access
  5. Wireless Broadband Access
  6. MPLS Network

Hardware & Equipment

  1. Network Switches, Routers and Firewalls
  2. Internet Access Management
  3. Bandwidth Management
  4. Wireless Access Points
  5. Load Balancer and
  6. Bandwidth Bonding
  7. SD-WAN
  8. PC & Tablet
  9. Telephony System
  10. CCTV
  11. Video Conferencing
  12. LED


  1. Network Monitoring Service
  2. Network Operation Centre
  3. Onsite and Offsite Support
  4. Advance Hardware Replacement
  5. Service Integration
  6. Service Delivery and
  7. Project Management
  8. Service Coordination
  9. Data Centre Hosting
  10. Structured Cabling & Infrastructure Service
  11. Service Installation
  12. Managed Security Services (MSS)
  13. Threat Detection and Respond (TDR)
  14. Managed Security Operation Centre (SOC)


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