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Education ERP

Education ERP

Improving Every Aspect of Education Experience

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Enterprise Retail ERP

Enterprise Retail ERP

Streamline your process from your Operations

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Strategic Management Solutions & Virtual Learning Platforms

Education ERP

Education ERP has changed everything when it comes to campus automation solutions. We focus on simplicity and usability by avoiding cluttered interfaces and complex tasks for a user-friendly experience with our Education ERP Software. As an University Automation Software, it offers easy access to all data about students, faculties, and departments under the university in one place.


Strategic Management Modules

Learning Management Portal

Virtual Class Room

Education ERP

More About Virtual Learning Platforms

Sharing & Assigning

Course Material Sharing & Task Assigning

Option for Faculties to upload the materials and can be assigned to students for easy accessing

Students can see the materials like documents, Videos, Audio files, Links etc.

The Virtual Classroom recording will be visible in this course material section

Faculties can assign tasks to students with target date and description

Students can mark the status of that task which will be reports back to faculties

Online Exam

Online Exam

Faculties can create online exams with a defined duration

Option to generate multiple choice or yes or no questions

Students can see the assigned exams and can attend.

Exam results can be evaluated from the faculty portal which can be published in the Student portal

Schedule Sessions

Schedule Sessions Any Time & Get Recordings

Create sessions any time and can invite the students to whom should attend the session.

If the organizer selects the recordings, the recordings will be visible automatically

When click on Start meeting it will open up the GotoMeeting or Zoom application automatically and will be entering into the class room.

Attendance & Feedback

Session Attendance & Feedbacks

Student when entered into the class is logged as attendance report

Session Feedback can be asked to students after the session

Feedback templates can be generated and can be asked when ever the faculty requires to collect

Responses can be evaluated easily based on the Feedback

Attendance Log is the details from GotoMeeting/Zoom which shows the entire user logs when entering In and out of the room.

Attend Anywhere

Attend Sessions from Anywhere

Join from your Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux or mobile device

Use the free mobile app to start an instant or already-scheduled meeting from an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows mobile device

What We Offer

Enterprise Retail ERP

Retail Operational Automation, Stock Control, Accounting Integration, Sales & Retail Features, User Permissions, Reporting, Purchase, Cloud Based Platform, Multi-Store Management


What Modules you get?

Order Management

Purchase Management

Customer Management

Accounting Integrations

Purchase Report

Inventory Management

Employee Log


Offers & Discounts

Billing & Payments

Major Features

To save time and still satisfy consumer demand, streamline the buying and receiving workflow.
Monitor all products, prices, and events with comprehensive user-defined profile fields with vendor details

  1. Have a sound knowledge of the volume of sales, trends
  2. Incoming and outgoing cash flow and the status of supplies available in the store warehouse with the help of reports
  3. System enables authorized user to generate various reports
  4. Track sales, purchase, inventory, employee reports using reporting tool
  5. Access your POS reports via the cloud and view them anywhere through the web portal
  1. Builds a loyal customer base, encourage repeat visits to your store
  2. Make smarter business decisions by tracking customer purchase history
  3. Give a personalized shopping experience
  4. Reward your customers with discount and points

Managing inventory is one of the best decisions a business can make, it will save money because it can tell the owner of the business when to order inventory and at a given time how much to order.

  1. Access your reports, monitor revenues, monthly sales and profit. Monitor sales patterns and respond promptly to shifts
  2. Complete Sales History View
  3. Determine the best-selling brands and classifications
  4. Export details from purchases to spreadsheets
  • This module  will enable user to add and list the sum of money that ought to pe paid, as agreed or required to a particular entity or a balance that is still owned or due.
  • Here user can provide the particulars to whom the amount is payable and its details such as the total amount, balance amount, payment method etc.
  • Billing and accounting enables the user to keep every detail and completed cashbook easily. You now have the best way to keep transaction details safer.
  • Manage your staff easily and take balanced choices.
  • Staff log in and out and their average working hours are determined automatically
  • Track sales by staff and recognize the top performers.
  • Grant different levels of access to protect sensitive information.

What will you get?

Integrations With Websites,Apps & Hardwares

24/7 Support from our Experts

Tailored to Your Needs

Cloud Based

Mobile App & Web based System

Admin Panel

Multi Organizational Structure


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