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We offers a wide range of programmes to bring out the best qualities in our students. We provide the best skills and education

possible to all students, irrespective of race, religion, national, creed, gender or age in order for them to able to maximize their

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Web Development and Mobile Application Development 

Available on All Your Devices

All our mobile applications that we’ve made for our clients are all avalaible to be downloaded no matter what devices your users use. We’re talking about both Android phone users and also iOS phone users simultenously! No one will be left hanging.

Available On IPhone, IPad And All 
Android Devices From 5.5

Boost awareness of your business

One of the most important things a mobile app development offers to consumers is awareness of and communication with your business brand. Through that regular interaction with your target market, you’re fostering trust

Fostering Trust

When your customer chose to download your mobile app, it means that they trust you enough to get all the future updates & notifications 

Increase Awareness

Through regular interaction and communication, we are actually educating our customers about our presence in the market 

Engage on-the-go with mobile apps

Engage with your customer, directly on-the-go. Everyone is with their phone. Facebook and Instagram can’t do that much. But with an app, if your customer downloaded your app, that means they trust you enough

Engage 24/7

People nowadays are always with their phone. Take advantage of this addictness of people! Your customers can know more about you

Quick Solution

When a notification of updates, sales offers, promos got into their phone, it will help promote engagement of users with all your marketing efforts

Launch App with Website

If you launch a mobile app in addition to your responsive website, you’ll boost sales while enhancing the customer experience


Quick Access

As mobile app developer, we believe when you combine your mobile app with a website, it will allow quick access for your users by just clicking the app to access to your website

Push Notification

For our mobile application development, we also include push notification as one of the app features. Your users will be notified of every new promotions or offers


Concrete Security

We also provide website design development service for businesses and we believe every website or application should be treated with SSL security and threats-free

Website by Apploqic

Here at Apploqic, we create website development for different kind of purposes – take a look at some of our work below

Customers Feedback

What our customers said about our services that we’ve done to help their businesses to the next level of marketing

mNice Person

A friendly person who always giving his best during training sessions with us. We at the Management always welcome him here to have him deliver his thoughts and suggestion while keeping up with the updates from us. He occasionally came here to give us trainings on how to use the website or mobile application for our team and staff.

Outstanding Work

We first ask them to help with our hotel’s website revamption because our old website was so old school, that it didn’t feel relevant anymore. And plus with previous developer the cost was so high for the booking system. What he did was consult us with cheaper way that we can save our money and revamp our website and do our mobile application. Since then the website has been performing so well.

Great Support

A well versed individual who knows on how to entertain and what to do for us here in the corporate field. We normally ask him on how to improve our website and all and he delivers it with including with the support needed. Whenever we have something that needs to be added to the website, we just simply ask him to do it and he’ll be more than happy to do so.

It’s perfect time to have a mobile app

With mobile application development, it can strengthen your brand and educate your customers. Digitizing the entire process, making data on their purchases available to you instantly

Apps by Apploqic

Here at Apploqic, we create mobile application development for different kind of purposes – take a look at some of our work below


The Suria Sabah app focuses to enhance the customer’s shopping experience and provide useful information to customers.


Travel & Local

A mobile hotel application that focuses on its  promos & offers through their app



Redawn Marketing supply and distribution of building materials for projects and retail


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