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* Now Available on Android Devices From 5.5

Our Mobile App Features

Some of the key features that you can expect to have on your mobile app with our mobile app development service here at Apploqic Consulting

Friendly Interface

We design your mobile app development so with simplicity in mind, not to have it overdone with complex user interface

Menu Interface

Your mobile app will have its own menu features that will display your app’s important in-app pages 

Image Gallery

Your mobile app now will be able to display images gallery to enhance user experience when using the app

Instant Notifications

Notifications can educate your app users regarding your brand and your marketing messages to them

Location-Based Notifications

Geofences feature allow you to send notifications on your app users when they’re around your business area

User Data Sync

Your mobile app will synchronize with the user’s own app data once they downloaded and signed up for the app

Promote More Engagement

When someone installed your mobile app, you can be sure that the user trust your brand enough in order for you to walk in his or her personal space


Faster Communications


Promotions Be Known


More Engagement


Mobile App User Login Interface

  • First time sign up – collect databases of prospects & customers with their names, emails, phone numbers, etc.
  • User login made with simplicity and sleek design.
  • User id and passwords to make up for their account.
  • User data stays on along with the usage of the app on their mobile phones. Not need to login many times.


Your Brand Social Media from the App

Your mobile app user can connect with your brand’s social medias straight away from your app interface. When they decide to check out your social media, it will automatically opened up to their social media apps as well

Mobile Apps Made by Us

Travel & Local

A mobile hotel application that focuses on its  promos & offers through their app



St.Michael XCVI Reunion is official app for ex students to download for their reunion



Redawn Marketing supply and distribution of building materials for projects and retail



The app allows users to buy, sell, rent and discuss malaysian property and real estate


Travel & Local

Hotel Live Booking app made searching for best holiday and home travel deals.



Mobile Music Player App + Podcast UI

Thinking of creating your very own brand new podcast? Want to create a music player app that will benefit your business? Get our mobile app development team to help you to get the job done

Plus Additional More Features

Other mobile app development features that will help make your app runs better, smoother and more user experience uplift

In-App Browsers

Have yourself an in-app mobile web browsers in your app to increase functionality and usability

App Reviews

Once your app is in the platform of Google Play Store and Apple App Store, your users will be able to rate it

QR Code Scanner

Put QR code scanner in your mobile app to allow quick objectives of scanned QR codes

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