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Are You Ready To Expand Your Company In China?

Xiaohongshu is one of the most well-known and fast-growing social e-commerce platforms in China. Xiaohongshu, which has become China’s largest content hub, is a crucial channel for both international and local businesses to use to maximise their potential and connect with the vast Chinese audience.

Why Xiaohongshu ?

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Xiaohongshu started from the community. In the beginning, users focused on sharing overseas shopping experiences in the community. After that, information sharing on beauty makeup, personal care, sports, tourism, home furnishing, travel, hotels, and restaurants appeared on Xiaohongshu, touching on the consumption experience and all aspects of lifestyle.

At the beginning of 2016, Xiaohongshu changed the manual operation content to the form of machine distribution. Through big data and artificial intelligence, the content in the community is accurately matched to users who are interested in it, thereby improving user experience.

As a lifestyle community, Xiaohongshu is unique in that the content posted by Xiaohongshu users comes from real life. A sharing user must have rich content in order to have content to share in Xiaohongshu, and then attract fans’ attention.

In Xiaohongshu, a user triggers “community interaction” through an “online sharing” consumption experience, which can drive other users to perform more consumption, and these users will in turn carry out more “online sharing”. Eventually, a positive cycle is formed. As people’s lives are becoming more and more digital, the Xiaohongshu community will play a greater social value in the tide of social media marketing.

What type of advertisement that offering?

Ad when launching apps
A full-screen video or static picture advertisement that appears when the app launches.
In-Feed Ad
An advertisement that shows on the double-column feed on the 'discovery' page.
Brand Zone
Display the brand advertisement when user searching the specific keywords.
Topic Ad
A company custom its own topic, including a topic header, topic name, description, and videos to drive traffic from multi-channels and direct Xiaohongshu users to landing pages.
Sticker Ad
A customizable sticker ad depicting products or brand text allows Xiaohongshu users to attach it to their stories.
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Create Business Account

Apploqic will help you to manage the lengthy process of setting up your official brand account on Xiaohongshu. Enjoy your certified icon, personalized profile, enhanced social features for business, and data insight report.

Monthly Marketing Report

Our team will provide monthly marketing reports including detailed costs, outcomes, action plans for the following month, and suggestions for strengthening your marketing strategy.

Ads Write-up

In order to achieve better advertising performance, our experienced copywriters will provide English and Chinese advertisement write-ups. We'll design the advertisement with creative keywords to grab the attention of potential customers.


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