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Best Platform For PROFESSIONAL

Are you ready to get your company into the professional world?

LinkedIn reaches over 850 million professionals on the world’s largest professional network. Showcase your products or services to CEOs, marketers and people in similar industries on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, you also can attract potential employees to join your company through LinkedIn.

Why linkedIn ?

LinkedIn is primarily used for professional networking and career development, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.  As of February 2022, LinkedIn has 830+ million registered members from over 200 countries and territories.


LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and connect with each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone to become a connection. LinkedIn can also be used to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, publish job postings, post photos and videos, and more.

What type of advertisement that offering?

Sponsored Content
Reach out to and interact with a professional audience on LinkedIn.
Sponsored Messaging
Engage prospects in conversations on LinkedIn Messaging.
Dynamic Ads
Engage prospects with personalized advertisements automatically to them.
Text Ads
With LinkedIn's self-service pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform, you can attract new clients to your company on a budget that works for you.
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Our Services

Why we can help you?

LinkedIn Profile Review

Our team will make sure the Information in your LinkedIn profile is accurate and appropriate.

Monthly Marketing Report

Our team will provide monthly marketing reports including detailed costs, outcomes, action plans for the following month, and suggestions for strengthening your marketing strategy.

Ads Write-up

In order to achieve better advertising performance, our experienced copywriters will provide English and Chinese advertisement write-ups. We'll design the advertisement with creative keywords to grab the attention of potential customers.


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