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Best Platform For Marketing

Are you prepared to expand your company with The World's Largest Advertising Agency?

With its excellent Instagram algorithm, extensive social network, and storytelling capabilities, Instagram has a huge opportunity for marketing and advertising. One of the top three social networking sites in the world right now is Instagram.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the perfect channel to reach a large audience, this is because Instagram has over a billion monthly active users. On average, users spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram, making the platform the second most visited social network after Facebook.

Instagram helps maintain your relationships with customers and prospects. People love connecting with brands through the network. According to research, 90% of users follow at least one company account on Instagram.

Another point to consider is the sales acceleration opportunity for Instagram. According to Facebook’s 2019 research, 65% of respondents visited a brand’s website or app after seeing that brand’s website or app on Instagram. After this, 46% of respondents buy the products online or offline.

Our Services

Why we can help you?

Instagram Account Management

Apploqic will assist you with managing every aspect of your Instagram account, including scheduling content postings, deploying optimised ads, and responding to consumer inquiries. You can enjoy a totally stress-free Instagram marketing journey.

Monthly Marketing Report

Our team will provide monthly marketing reports including detailed costs, outcomes, action plans for the following month, and suggestions for strengthening your marketing strategy.

Ads Write-up

In order to achieve better advertising performance, our experienced copywriters will provide English and Chinese advertisement write-ups. We'll design the advertisement with creative keywords to grab the attention of potential customers.


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