We help your businesses with Mobile App & Digital Marketing

Our 16 years of experience in System integration,mobile app development and web development make us a better IT service provider.


We help your businesses with Mobile App & Digital Marketing

Our 16 years of experience in System integration,mobile app development and web development make us a better IT service provider.


Experienced and Skilled

We have 16 years of working experience in mobile application development, product management,website development, digital marketing and project management to delivery innovative solutions and engaging mobile apps.

Our Competitive Advantages
  • Our technical know-how in software application and extensive experience in digital marketing gives us an advantage in the industry
  • We do site visits often to give out trainings and briefings or consulting to business owners or p.i.c. after projects done
  • Our 10+ years of corporate field experience will make us a go-to consulting agency that understands your demand and needs

Available on all your devices

What we do at Apploqic Technologies PLT. whether it is website development or mobile application development, all the final products are made to be compatible

Use on any devices

For website development, all of our work are made with “responsive design” in mind to make sure that your website can be accessed through any kind devices across different screen displays. The same goes for mobile apps with their own platforms

Available On IPhone, IPad And All 
Android Devices From 5.5




Chief Technology Officer



Key Account Manager



Creative Designer



Multimedia Designer

Our awesome services

From creating e-commerce websites to hotel booking system websites, we offer different ranges of awesome services that will sure cater to your needs and demands. Plus also our technical knowledge in the digital marketing world and mobile app development.

e-Commerce Website

Fancy to have your own brand of e-commerce store? We offer awesome e-commerce website designs.

App Development

We have over 10 years of experience in mobile app development that cater for your needs.

Website Design

Here, we also help with designing your websites for your business that speaks of your brand.


Special Request

We believe not every business is the same. For instance, a hotel business needs a hotel booking system on its website.

Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is huge but we know which side needs to push for your business needs.


Consulting Advice

About to spend some money on your marketing campaign? Reach us and we can advise what should you do.


Site Trainings

Even after we have completed your projects, we wouldn’t leave you just like that. We continue with in-house training.

Continuous Support

Do not fret as we continue to monitor your websites and/or keep you up with updates and help.

Education Consultant

Our education consultant is a resource for all things educational, particularly for recent high school grads. Matching students with appropriate learning environments, guiding college decisions and applications, and meeting with administrators and instructors to discuss programmes and budgets.

Social Media Management

Greater audience engagement is realizable through content creation. Social media interaction can be upgraded by constantly managing content in which we are ready for such requests

*Image straight pulled up from official Google Street View Trusted Photographer’s website sorted by country and city fields.

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